PharmaCept – Closer to health.

2017 was another very successful year in the development of PharmaCept!

With our product EmboCept® S, a chemoemobilizing agent for non-permanent vessel blockage, we were able to continue the positive trend in sales of the past years. Hereby, we were able to convince an increasing number of clients in Asian countries of the benefits of our product. DSM-TACE also continues to gain popularity in Germany and other European countries. We are particularly thrilled to announce that our efforts of the past several years have paid off and that the use of EmboCept® S for the treatment of lung tumors has now been approved. For the successful contribution to this large-scale project, I would like extend heartfelt thanks to all those involved: from the scientific and clinical advisors to our own staff.

The already in 2015 initiated product development of PlatiCept®, a lyophilisated cisPlatin, was approved for use within Spain leading to its initial clinical implementation. As this still needed to be conducted internationally within the parameters of a “Named patient programme”, its usage was restricted in scope. This is set to become easier this year, particularly due to a further approval for the German market. As a consequence, a significantly increased number of patients will benefit from the clinical advantages of the product’s active ingredients, especially concerning its inner-arterial application in the treatment of liver tumours.

In the past two years, we were able to develop a globally unique process for the production of our BCG-germ (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) at our development and production plant in Luckenwalde Biotechnology Park. The overriding goal in this development process is to be granted GMP-permission with which to initiate a first clinical trial. This development will pave the way to significant organisational expansion. BSG S4 Jena will bring to the market a further new stem that is both extremely active and highly agreeable. The groundwork will be laid with the results of the product’s clinical testing on patients with superficial bladder tumours.

Our company’s second product range is in the field of Urology. The bladder instillation set, (AdriaCept® B-I-S), based on the active ingredient Doxorubicin has now been on the market for several years and is regarded as standard treatment by a number of urologists. A survey carried out over the past years clearly showed the acknowledgement of the advantages of the complete set developed by us. We will continue to collect data in this field over the coming years. This unique data regarding bladder instillation as a form of treatment will provide the basis for updated analyses at conferences and for publications.

We look forward to 2018 and to the many interesting exchanges with all those interested in our products and expertise. This year we will once again do our utmost to remain true to our company ethos – “Closer to Health”.

With best regards from Berlin

PharmaCept GmbH
Dr. med. Jürgen Ebert
Berlin, January 2018