20 Years of PharmaCept

Highlights – made in Germany“ July 20, 2019 in Berlin


100 years of women‘s suf­frage, 70 years of the Federal Republic of Germany,
30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall – 2019 is a year of many signi­fi­cant anni­ver­s­a­ries.

We also had reason to cele­brate:
PharmaCept turned 20 years old. And EmboCept® S marks 10 years on the market.

We are still delighted that all of you came to cele­brate these high­lights with us in Berlin on July 20, 2019.

The day´s motto has been „Highlights – Made in Germany“ fea­turing:

  • an inter­na­tional PharmaCept sym­po­sium
    Strategic Interdisciplinary mee­ting for locore­gional tumor the­ra­pies
  • a fes­tive evening
    in a unique venue in the German capital.
20 Years of PharmaCept