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PharmaCept. Based in Berlin. Networked worldwide.

A success story. Since 1999.

PharmaCept is an innovative company based in Berlin. Since 1999, we have been developing and marketing products for the locoregional treatment of tumor diseases worldwide. Our focus is on the treatment of primary and secondary liver and lung tumors as well as non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, NMIBC.

Better therapy results for a better quality of life for patients

Our products are renowned for their therapeutic efficacy and good tolerability. PharmaCept strives to continuously  improve the therapeutic results and the associated quality of life of its patients.

New products for innovative therapies

PharmaCept collaborates with clinics and research institutions to research innovative drugs and methods for the treatment of tumor diseases in order to offer patients the best possible therapy options.

Question, listen and understand.

The heart of our philosophy is close, trusting and cooperative communication with our customers. We also live this claim internally. Happy and valued employees in all business areas are the basis of our success.

Our philosophy

Closer to health

The focus of our philosophy is close, trusting and cooperative communication with clinical specialists and customers.

On the basis of the existing products, we want to use innovative therapy concepts to develop effective, well-tolerated alternatives to current standard therapies in order to bring patients closer to health.

The cooperation with external partners enables us to take a competent approach. We seek close cooperation with physicians and their organizations, local and federal authorities. Our scientific findings are to be made available to all relevant parties in a timely manner. Participation in congresses and symposia as well as the use of the relevant scientific press should help to achieve this goal. Since 2012, PharmaCept has been awarding the Matthias Lorenz Research Award for outstanding scientific work in the field of locoregional tumour therapy.

An important factor for innovative developments is our own production plant in the Luckenwalde Biotechnology Park, in which an active substance for the treatment of superficial bladder cancer is to be developed and produced. The necessary professional competence and flexibility on the one hand and the above-average commitment of the employees and partners on the other hand provide the crucial prerequisites.

Our clients

PharmaCept is a company whose focus is on medical professionals and their patients. We are committed to their needs. With competence and passion. Since 1999.