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Dr. Jürgen Ebert

Founder and CEO of PharmaCept

2019 marked the anniversary of our company, PharmaCept GmbH.
20 years of PharmaCept have also been 20 years of innovation, therapeutic success, and encounters on collaborative and personal fronts. In this spirit, we look towards the future with the desire for continued acknowledgement, shared successes and further innovation in the years to come!

Based on the success of the past few years with our product EmboCept®, the chemoembolizing agent for non-permanent vascular blockage, we were able to initiate new development programs. As a result, we can launch new products in countries in the European Union this year. We will thereby enter new areas of treatment: uterine fibroid embolization and embolization of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Work is already underway on further products for new indicators.

The product development of the lyophilised cisPlatin, PlatiCept®, that was initiated together with European partners in 2015, has gained approval in Germany following approval in Spain. Here, it is increasingly resuming its place as the key product – in addition to doxorubicin – in the treatment of liver tumors. PlatiCept® is also available worldwide through the “Named Patient Program”.

We have achieved GMP certification for the production of our BCG strain S4 Jena at our development and production facility in Luckenwalde Biotechnology Park. We would like to extend a special thank you to all of our employees involved for their extremely innovative efforts in the development of this product. Now, we hope that, in the next few weeks, we can resolve the remaining approval requirements with the responsible authorities and move forward accordingly.

Unfortunately, we also increasingly suffered from challenges in the supply of pharmaceutical raw materials last year. In our specific case, this concerned the raw material doxorubicin. For example, we were not able to consistently meet our customers’ demand for the bladder instillation set (AdriaCept® B‑I-S) We greatly regret this and apologise for the inconvenience, even if there was little we could do to counter this challenge. Although this continues to affect us this year, we very much hope to find a solution as soon as possible.

We look forward to 2020 and to the many interesting exchanges with all who are interested in our products and expertise. This year, we will once again continuously strive to remain true to our company slogan – “Closer to Health”.

With best regards from Berlin

PharmaCept GmbH
Jürgen Ebert, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Berlin, January 2020

PharmaCept Management