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Dr. Jürgen Ebert

Founder and CEO of PharmaCept

Covid 2020 – a year, a moment in time, an illness. It was a year that none of us will forget any time soon!

Before I elaborate upon the developments of our organisation, I would first like to share a more personal note: All of us at PharmaCept have strong and sometimes personal ties to our clients and partners. We were able to witness at close hand how the daily efforts surrounding Covid-19 have brought people to their physical limits. It is therefore of particular importance to me to express my personal thanks to all of you in the hospitals and medical practices for your daily work under these difficult conditions. We all hope that we will regain our normal lives as soon as possible, but also realise that this will not be a question of weeks, but rather of months. In the interim, we send you our encouragement and the heartfelt wish for you all to stay healthy!

We too felt the effects of these challenging circumstances. With the onset of the pandemic, access to the raw material for our doxorubicin, which is produced in China, became even more difficult. The purchase of the active ingredient had to be suspended. Only since the end of the year has it once again been possible to factor the product into the plan for the current year. We therefore hope to be able to make our
AdriaCept® B‑I-S bladder instillation set available to the market again as soon as possible.

Drawing on our successes of the past few years with the degradable embolizing agent EmboCept® S DSM 50 µm based on biodegradable starch, we were able to optimise the quality of the product last year. This allows calibration and dismantling time to even better match the required specifications. Unfortunately, the extension of our portfolio of embolic materials had to be postponed and is now planned for this year. We hope to demonstrate our competence in the field of degradable starch microspheres (DSM) by adding new indications.

The cisplatin powder (PlatiCept®) developed by us enabled the initiation of new therapeutic approaches, both through DSM-TACE as an alternative to doxorubicin in the treatment of liver tumors, and especially as a radio sensitizer in the DSM-TACE / TPCE of lung tumors.

Last but not least: We were able to further expand the biotechnology centre in Luckenwalde. In addition to completing the development of our BCG production there, we were granted another permit for vaccine production on a GMP basis. The development is set to continue this year.

For the successes we achieved under the unprecedented circumstances of Covid-19, I would like to sincerely thank each and every staff member of our company.
In addition to that, I would particularly like to express my gratitude towards our clients, partners and friends who have stood by us and continue to stand by us through these challenging times.

In the coming year, we look forward to continuing and resuming many interesting exchanges, projects and products that we can provide to you for the good of patient care. To this end, we offer all of our expertise, knowledge and competencies.

We remain true to our guiding principle:

PharmaCept – Close to Health!

With best regards from Berlin

PharmaCept GmbH
Jürgen Ebert, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Berlin, January 2021

PharmaCept Management