Product Overview



Average size of microspheres

Size distribution of microspheres



Mechanism of action

Package size

Amilomer (DSM35/50)

30–40 minutes

50 7 µm    

Min 95% 20–90 µm

Max 4,0% > 90 µm

Max 2,5% < 20 µm 

Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) of 
inoperable liver and lung tumors

2,5 – 7,5 ml (150–450 mg), depending on tumor size and vascularization, arterial blood flow and aarteriovenous shunt volume. Maximum dose of 15 ml (900 mg) possible in individual cases

Reduction of blood flow causes short term ischemia in addition to a local concentration increase of the simultaneously applied cytostatic agent.

450 mg Amilomer in 7.5 ml saline solution  

Product Features

  • Good tolerability [1]
  • Optimum degradation time [2]
  • Excellent necrosis rates [3]
  • Can be combined with other treatment methods [4]
  • Repeatable TACE [5]
  • No particle loading: not limited in the choice of active ingredient for DSM-TACE



Product information and mechanism of action

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